Welcome to TCMG Asset Management

Since it was founded in March 2013 in Zollikon/Zurich, TCMG Asset Management AG has evolved into a sizeable multi-boutique asset management firm. It fosters an environment where entrepreneurial asset management boutiques can focus on what they do best: applying their proven investment skills, providing the highest-quality client service, and managing their firms to generate long-term growth.

Partnership Works

TCMG Asset Management is domiciled in Switzerland and majority-owned by Raiffeisen Switzerland through Notenstein Private Bank. Today’s TCMG Asset Management is a diversified group of global asset management firms (“affiliates”) that are recognized for their proven investment expertise and performance. The investment affiliates of TCMG Asset Management are established in their respective areas of specialization with proprietary investment approaches. The TCMG Asset Management multi-boutique business model provides clients with a broad spectrum of solutions in the categories Equity, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset-Class and Alternatives, from mutual funds for private and institutional clients to separately managed accounts for corporates, institutions, and large private clients with institutional needs.

We value partnership within and across our multi-boutique business and foster a diverse, collaborative atmosphere. TCMG’s affiliates invest autonomously, with each affiliate pursuing its own investment philosophy and process and maintaining its own investment culture in order to create sustainable value for its clients. TCMG’s corporate center provides key principles and invests in growth through core strategic services, including product structuring and business development support, investing in our existing affiliates and making new acquisitions.

No two investment managers are alike. Each affiliate investment has been negotiated individually within a proven framework based on the specific characteristics of the firm and the goals of its principals. Although the specific structure of each investment is tailored to meet the needs of a particular situation, TCMG Asset Management establishes a meaningful equity interest in the firm in all cases, the remaining equity interests being retained by the management of the affiliate.

Although we invest in established investment firms that we expect to be successful in their own right, we are committed to helping affiliates identify opportunities for further growth and leverage the benefits of economies of scale. Our experience in partnering with entrepreneurial boutique asset managers has enabled TCMG Asset Management to search for and develop certain cross-affiliate initiatives to strengthen the business operations of our boutiques, which share our passion for investing.

If you are a boutique asset manager looking for a strategic partner or interested in hearing more about TCMG Asset Management, please contact us.

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